Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard

Penerbit PIATKUS
Tahun 2008
Page 344
Price RM12.00

Summary :
Another thriller with a tough CIA lady, this time Lily Mansfield who was recruited by them as a contract assassin at the tender age of eighteen. She is now in her 'thirties and living in France, where she commits the mortal sin of a private killing. An Italian godfather type, Salvatore, has had her two best friends and her almost-adopted daughter killed for blowing up his laboratory where he is involved in a vaccine scam. Lily devotes months in getting close to Salvatore, so that she can poison him with a doctored bottle of wine. Now his son is after her, as well as the CIA, as Salvatore was one of their 'assets'.
The Agency sends Lucas Swain, another trouble-shooter out to dispose of Lily, but the inevitable happens and they fall in love. Together they finish the work that Lily's friends died for, destroying the laboratory where not only is an influenza vaccine being made, but also the virus that it protects - the scam being that when released, the world-wide pandemic will make them rich by selling the cure.
A far-fetched story, but well-written and exciting in the 'what-happens- next' department. Chapter 26 is entirely devoted to sexual intercourse, which is certainly anatomically, if not politically, correct! When we think back to the criminal prosecutions for D H Lawrence's Lady Chatterley and poor old Hank Janson's bosomy covers in the 'fifties, we realise what an enlightened age we now live in!

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