Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Crossing The Line - Lori Wilde

Blaze 2 in 1
tahun 2008
page 213

Price :RM12.00
Confidential bodies are our specialty!

Our private medical facility is a lush oasis of tranquillity, catering to affluent patients who require complete discretion. Our latest staff addition is Dr. Dante Nash, an extraordinary specimen of, professionalism. In fact, nurse Elle Kingston can't seem to keep her eyes--and her lusty thoughts--off him!

But Dante is more than a sexy-pants practitioner who makes Elle weak in the knees--and in other parts.

He's also undercover for the FBI. There have been some illicit goings-on here at Confidential Rejuvenations. Dangerous ones. And it isn't just Elle and Dante's sizzling affair that's about to blaze out of control..

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