Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Brother's Journey - Richard B. Pelzer

Penerbit Times Warner Books
Tahun 2005
Page 290
Price RM10.00


In A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer shocked the world with the horrifying tale of the abuse and neglect he suffered at the hands of his mother and his brother, Richard. Fortunately for Dave, he was removed from the household at 12. Richard was not so lucky. Needing a new scapegoat for her alcoholic rages, Richard became Mrs. Pelzers new It. He began receiving nocturnal beatings and the denial of clothing and food. He had Tabasco sauce poured down his throat, and was kicked, slapped, and punched to the point of hospitalization. By now shed learned how to hit so his wounds didnt showshe wasnt about to let Richard leave, too. This is the story of how one little boy found the courage to survive years of physical abuseand how the human spirit can triumph over even the most severe circumstances.

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