Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kisah-kisah Misteri Malaysia (Buku 3 & 4) - Tomi Jefri

 Buku 3

Buku 4

Penerbit Federal publications
Tahun 2001
Harga RM5.00 (2 buah)


The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Signet Classic
Tahun 1999
Page 248
Price RM8.00

10 OGOS 2011

A Baby Before Down - Linda Castillo

Harlequins Mills Boon
Tahun 2007
Page 238
Price 8.00

Bukit Kepong - Ismail Johari

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
Tahun 2000
Edisi Pelajar
Page 349
Harga RM5.00


Using Psychologocal Techniques in Selling - Dr. Billy Kueek

Tahun 2006
Page 172
Price RM10.00

How I Made Millions With Just A Few Simple Ideas - Robert M. Hayes

Golden Books Centre
Tahun 1995
Page 253
Price RM10.00

Play Better Golf, How to Break 90 - Beverly Lewis

Tiger Books Int.
Tahun 1993
Page 80 (Hard Cover)
Price RM5.00


Cikgu Bahasa Inggeris Saya

Panduan Mempelajari Bahasa Inggeris

Page 270
Price RM6.00

The Unemotional Investor - Robert Sheard

Penerbit Fireside
Tahun 1998
Page 239
Price RM5.00


Investing in Stocks -- Without Investing in Time, Tears, or Terror
When Robert Sheard decided to bite the bullet and get into the market, he wasn't the typical Wall Street player, didn't have years of trading experience, and didn't have an M.B.A. What he did have was the know-how. As one of the top stock researchers for The Motley Fool -- the widely popular and fiercely irreverent financial site that launched the bestselling The Motley Fool Investment Guide and The Motley Fool's You Have More Than You Think -- Sheard developed mechanical, emotion-free formulas for analyzing stocks. Now he shares his insights to help you earn gains that will crush market averages. The Unemotional Investor teaches you:
* How to evaluate stocks
* What numbers to look for and how to compare them
* When to buy and when to sell
* How to manage the portfolio you create
* Two investing models you can use -- one of which requires no math, no experience, and about fifteen minutes of work per year!
Like other books created by The Motley Fool, The Unemotional Investor presents an easygoing approach to a subject often shrouded in mystery, making it easy for even rank beginners to take the first steps toward reaping the rewards of a low-maintenance, high-profit portfolio

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Harper Business
Tahun 2001
page 300
(Hard Cover)
Price RM20.00

Why I like this book so much!!!
I first read this book a number of years ago and have since made it a practice to read it at least once annually. This book has had a huge impact on my leadership practices from the first reading and continues to influence my leadership today. Jim Collins unpacks the key practices of companies that have made the journey from being just good to becoming truly great companies. Collins and his research team study numerous companies to determine the key characteristics that differentiate great companies from those who are merely good companies. They sought out to answer the question of ‘what could merely good companies do to become great?’

Monday, 1 August 2011


Kepada semua pengunjung blog Koleksi Buku Terpakai.. selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.. semoga segala amalan kita diterima dan diberkati.. Agar amalan kita sentiasa meningkat dan lebih baik dari hari2 sebelumnya... 
Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak...