Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chasing Harry Winston - Lauren Weisberger

SOLD to Sweet Candy - TQ
25 JULAI 2011
Penerbit Harper
Tahun 2008
Page : 280
Price RM12.00

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Description :
Leigh, Adriana and Emmy are best friends, all leading very different lives and about to make some extreme choices...

Emmy has just split with her boyfriend of five years. A serial monogamist, she suddenly realises how much she′s missed the thrill of single life. A new job travelling across the globe could offer her the one thing she is craving.

Leigh, on the surface appears to have it all - a fantastic job and a gorgeous high-profile boyfriend. But buried deep down is a woman racked with nerves and a life-long ambition not yet realized.

Adriana is breathtakingly beautiful and can have any man she wants, but prefers to play the field.Yet suddenly the excitement of yet another fling begins to lose its edge. Perhaps it is time for her to start thinking about settling down.

The three girls meet for dinner one evening and make a pact - they each have to change one thing in their lives by the end of the year. But will they keep to their decisions? And will their choices come at a high price?

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