Saturday, 30 July 2011

Where You Belong - Barbara Taylor Bradford

Publisher Harper Collins
Tahun 2000
Page 472
Price RM7.00


A contemporary novel from the author of A Woman of Substance about a young woman finding herself and her place in life, in love and in the world. Valentine Denning is a courageous photojournalist on the frontline in Kosovo. Her colleagues ? Tony Hampton and American Jake Newberg ? are her comrades-in-arms, men whom she loves and trusts. One is her best friend; one her lover. In a nightmarish ambush, all three are shot, Tony fatally, and for Val an even worse nightmare begins. For there are memories and lies ? lies which force Val to find herself again by leaving her past life of heart-breaking war-danger for what seems like the gentler world of celebrity-shoots: but this too brings danger ? a famous artist whose reputation as a playboy does not steel against a powerful attraction. Valentine?s sense of searching for something leads her to retrace paths which she thought she had left behind.

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